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Welcome to Lost Chapters

We have a road map of the story, with files dating back to when it all began. 

1999 - lost ( the home of joecool ) joe_cool5@hotmail.com
Y2K - lost (hacked videogames)
2001 - defaced alienware.com   made website odius.org, lost code. Old tools here: 
2002 www.604industries.com 
2003 joesfanclub.com
2004 The Musha Cay Project
2005 - VoteJoe.604industries.com
2006 - www.Capitol7.com
2007 - www.Skyboard.info
2008 - www.greenboxproduce.com
2009 - www.racewater.info
2010 - www.spacelite.info
2011 - JourneyToTheWest movie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91ZRx_9hAkc 
2012 - Nasa Spacelite do*****entary
2013 - I love NY
2014 - I <3 Kelowna
2015 www.spaceportOasis.com

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