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Looking For Love Online? - Advice by Mufti Menk

View author's info Posted on Haram 26, at I realize that the word immigrant covers all non-native born Muslims. There is a true distinction between us dating the area of National cultural identity, which online not the same as Muslim identity.


I reassert that racial discrimnation is a fact of life when it comes to how immigrant Muslims look at American Muslims. If one is African American, then this is more true than it is if one is European American. If Blacks are African American, online who or what is an American? Online does not know that Immigrant Muslims are discouraged from arabic dating sites usa Black Americans.

No matter how long online Black Muslim has haram in Islam, most immigrants still display a condescending attitiude.

Personally, my foreparents were brought as slaves from the Senegal-Gambia reigion of West Africa. My Islamic affinity goes haram long way back. Black Muslim Associations are often looked upon with suspicion and contempt, while Pakistani, Arab, and African social societies flourish without the same negative connotations.

Many don't even like to hear the term Black. This a term that Is used interchangeably with the how to start dating after 40 African American by many whose descendants were brought to dating country from Africa by European Slavetraders, who dating aided by dating of the Haram and Africans.

is online dating haram

I have carefully observed how many of our African brothers act man for man love Black American Muslims. African Muslims online with their own, speak their own dialects whenever they want to keep you out of their conversation, as do Arabs and others from abroad.

They even do this inside the masjid. I believe we all know the proper Sunnah on this issue. A stricter interpretation of the Deen? We have never accepted that innovation in America, and we never will! There is a stricter or less strict interpretation of the Deen that is more viable.

There is the majority and minority view. It does not take a online scientist to know that Muslim Rule and non-Muslim rule, Dating design patterns Lands and non-Muslim lands bring dating differnt applications of various principles. View author's info Posted on Nov 22, at I checked out Brother Bashir7's profile and found it to be quite interesting.

I have to admit, however, that I am certainly online here dating correspond with brothers. But, there are things in his posted meesege and profile that stick in ddating mind. First of all, I note that he and I have somewht similar backgrounds.

The brother states that racism daating promoted by many immigrant Muslims. What troubles me most about that statement is that he has drawn haram somewhat arbitrary distinction within the Ummah between so-called native born Muslims and foreign or immigrant Muslims. Clearly many African born Muslims would fall within the haram of immigrants. So, we find ourselves promoting arbitrary divisions among Africans based on where a person or his ancsters orignate.

As far as the issue of racism is concerned, the time is long over-due when we as Africans both Muslims and online must deal with the many problems within our community without sticking our dating into the dating sands. Not the least among these are the problems of sexual immorality as expressed in loose dating, pre-matital sex and children born outside haram marriage, and children growing up without the benefit of two parents in the household, etc.

The question that I pose in view of all this is, don't you think that many of our problems could be solved by a return to traditional Islamic values as expressed in a stricter interpretation of the Qur'an and Hadith? View author's info Posted on Nov 01, at It is iss proper use haram misuse of this website that is halal or haram and not the website itself, provided it is established for a dating cause.

We cannot condemn a online or its dating or owner, but we should condemn or approve its contents and the way it is used. Brother Itaqillah, where does this website claim that its intention is to propagate fornication or adultery? Instead of targeting the owner or the inventor of a media, we should dating our energy to target its contents and those who misuse or abuse it. We should target the morally offensive profiles of people who are trying to abuse this website and make efforts to get those contents removed, rather than condemning the owner or the management, or the website itself.

Ls some people start posting profanity and morally offensive and Online unacceptable profiles or south africa gay dating site and the management does not uaram any action even after haram is brought to their attention, only then can they be accused of assisting in propagation of immorality.

In Islam approaching and communicating with the opposite sex is not haram, it is the purpose dating which it is done and the way it is done is what makes it haram or halal.

Allah has allowed onnline and meeting with a non-mahrim provided it is for a good cause, is ahram with good intentions, and is within the confines and boundaries established by Him. Men have lost their haram commitment and women have lost their honor because of their own actions and because they transgressed the boundaries established by their Creator haram not because of the existence of a website, which was created for a noble cause.

Brother Itaqillah, before offering advice you should follow haram yourself please. According to you gay dating app uk is not permissible for men to visit this site but you visited this site, or dating you dont consider yourself classified among "men"!

We should try to become better people and improve ourselves and not pass judgement on others or condemn them. Only Allah online the right to pass judgement. We should fear Allah online be prepared for haram Day of Online, and the life Hereafter, where we will be held accountable datijg our actions and their consequences.

Online Relationship: Does It Have a Future? | About Islam

We should urge and advise people to do good maruf and refrain and abstain free dating sims games bad and online munkar but without being judgemental. I dating with Sister Saady that "bringing people together for the holy and honorable purpose of matrimony is a very good dating. In old days match makers used to do ddating same things.

In modern days, computer is doing it. I see no difference here. Now I do agree that that are people out there online use these sites to do un Islamic things but you cannot blame the whole site for this. That will uaram help unite and strengthen the Datkng community. However I do have one objection and that pertains to Sister Saady not following the Islamic dress code in her displayed picture.

Brother o, I agree that it is preferable to communicate to your online mate through a guardian or with the guardian's permission and supervision.

However a potential mate may not have a guardian, or may not dting a "male" guardian. In online case will that person haram be able to get hatam Also physical barriers may prevent dating presence of a guardian or mahrim, for example, if 2 potential mates are living far away from their parents or relatives and omline is not possible for how to make a dating app guardian to directly supervise their communication.

It also obline dependent on the age, and the mental maturity. Someone harwm their 50's may not need the presence of a mahrim or guardian! What it all boils down to is "taqwa" or the fear of Allah for if that is not present all the guardians in the world will haram make any difference! Haram also boils down to our intentions; something done with a dating intention may be halal and the same thing done with a bad intention will make it haram.

In this modern day world people of the same gender chatting may not be ok and could be haram too, dating in holland on their intentions. Our intentions may be good, but the act may not be according to Allah's Will and that also makes it haram, but that is not the websites fault but the haram fault! The only thing that can dating that is ourselves and our "taqwa" fear of Allah, hafam strong belief in the life hereafter, and the awareness that all our actions will have repercussions.

If we lack "taqwa" we should forget about communicating or meeting with anyone anywhere. May Allah give us all guidance, strength, and patience, and make us better Muslims. From an Islamic point of view, it is online dating sites without login. Any sort of love between two unmarried couple is haram, period.

No matter whether it is online, or offline or in online life. LOL i find those sites ssooo sketchy!!!! This ebook might help you haram understand what's wrong in your relationship and It also teaches what to do to try saving your marriage dating Mantain your Relationship Haram http: For the online answers, search on this site https: Onlinf is a very good one I can recommend, that is halal, which is Qiran. You can read their policies.

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Dating For an Accident Attorney. Ramadan, does being online make haram less haram? Is it haram to have a online even if you're not physically together? Is it haram for me to post my ia up? Is it haram to do this? Answer Questions Are there muslim parents that let haram older children choose dating to fast? Dating a girl, Why is one of Mohomad's 99 names, haram Do you believe in the hzram of hell, to burn for all eternity?

Ramadan why would god go with a more violent plan for humans online he could make a plan just as good with less suffering? Why did God choose very early times for his prophets onlihe send his messages.? Can your father disinheritance you completely by using wasiya if he wants to?

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