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Welcome to the future and always follow the 2 rules. This is a great visualization, but it's missing one thing: I think you need to label the numerical value of each lane, not just the resulting nodes. Using visual men dating sites it would seem of the 16 messages you sent, about 12 petered out while 2 led to actual dates and 2 had no response. But that's just me eyeing it up. If you labeled each lane with dating numerical value that would take the guessing out of it.

Surprised this isn't higher up. This is a great idea and fascinating data, but unless I'm missing something I can't determine whether messages from OP, gifs from OP, or "They start" most often led to dates. The interface I used to build this doesn't let me. Or I'm too lazy to find it if it does.

And I'm definitely too lazy to go adding numbers manually. Does "They Start [7] No Response" mean you didn't reply to their opening message, or dating you replied and then they didn't respond again?

I collected the data dating from both my Tinder and OkCupid accounts. I made one only for OkCupid as well, but this chart has about double the data. It was difficult to determine the difference between "Petered Out and Ghosted" like the other post, so I combined them all into "Petered Out," meaning we talked but nothing came of it either because I stopped responding at some point or they stopped responding or we just didn't pick the conversation back up.

I thought this was neat to see the differences. I don't have nearly the same amount of data, though that's not dating needed to see the blatant differences. I'd love to see a straight women or gay guy or anyone else do this as well!

Dating made some with extra information breaking down OkCupid dating Tinder. Talking about "success rates" is difficult because my goal isn't to meet every woman I talk to I even ignore a good many. But I'm not still single. I'm kind of surprised there wasn't a "Guys who don't understand what a lesbian is" category of data.

There was one guy I matched with on tinder. He looked so fucking nice and sincere. It looked like he took the time to make a real nice profile all different dating of him alone, with friends, with his niece etc. So I swiped right, matched, then informed him that his settings were wrong. He was dating apologetic and nice. Don't think he was lying but who knows. Tinder allows you to specify who you want to see by gender I think this also sets who can see you by gender as well.

I find it interesting how much more symmetrical your experience was between who sent the first message. The kik messenger dating sites user had overwhelmingly different results depending on if the man or woman sent the first message.

I'm not sure why you're finding it particularly interesting. I can't dating a considerable difference between whether a woman sends the first message or a woman sends the first message in her data.

I'm in a relationship right now but Previous Me is so fucking jealous. I never got those kind of results. That sub needs more quality posts like these. Without numbers on that end, you really can't dating much of anything. You absolutely cannot jump dating that point based on only two individuals. Attractiveness, standards, location and text game are just some of variables that could make a HUGE difference here.

You can't make that conclusion based on these two really small data sets, but we already dating know this based on data released by online dating websites. Now I'm curious to see a straight girl and a gay dude data. So we can confirm statically which one of the most common sex preferences have a better "actual dates" rate.

Attractiveness is the most important for m4w. A woman's perspective on male attractiveness is distorted significantly, while males gauge female dating more accurately: This helps to explain why the top males are so successful, while most males have a very difficult time online. It leads to frustration on both sides when the 7.

You left out the overall conclusion of the study. Even though women rate most men as being "below average," that alone is Dating a deal-breaker for most women. Women are much more flexible than men are, in going out with people they see as not good-looking. That is, even though women will have high standards for what counts as good-looking, it doesn't count against men as much if they aren't good-looking in her eyes than the other way around. A woman seen as not good-looking by a man is immediately dismissed.

Pew data shows that in the U. Therefore, if a man is dating as not-very-attractive, it does not count against him so heavily. Most men take very unflattering pics. My current SO had a profile pic that was a selfie shot from below like as if he had been texting, on a normal person it qould have resulted in major double chin. But, he was funny and cooks and we like the same music. So, decided to meet him in dating. I saw him and literally did not dating he could be such dating fucking babe.

Dating thing with mt fling beforw dating. The question is, what level of overlap is there between women on ratings of men's attractiveness? What makes a woman attractive seems to be pretty well agreed on by everyone, while what makes a man attractive is more subjective and dependent on how does black ops 2 matchmaking work preferences.

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As someone who follows his gay best friend's Grindr sexploits with equal parts fascination and horror, I can attest to the truth of this. Grindr is Tinder Dating Mode, provided you're interested in what it offers. I thought in these programs, both people had to say they found the other person attractive, then it is up to them to start contact. Dating so, then that is already accounted for in that these experiments deal only with people who cating dating each other attractive, and xating are finding dating if that leads to dates.

It depends on the platform. The straight dude one from a few days ago was on OkCupid, which does not match by mutual hook up social networks like, say, Dating does. We'd need sample sizes larger than one person per category too. There's lots of factors influencing "success" other than gender and sexual orientation.

Like age, location, and appearance.


Totally agree, but with the only font of data available being post on reddit, this will dating really hard to get it.

Doesn't that also daitng skew the results to people confident enough to actually share their data, though? Can you control for that? There's more than one level of factors. Statistically, gay men have datijg sex than any other group. So, within the group of gay men there will be success factors unique dating that subgroup.

You'd also have to account for the most successful individuals in each classification. For instance, a few gay men may be blowing the curve out of proportion.

You also have to account for dating and under reporting. This is a really hard subject statistically. I ended up going amazing dating profiles one date every couple dating if I saga dating uk lucky!

I think since you have fewer options when gay, it makes people kinda cling on.

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But the problem I have with same sex dating is that everyone I am interested in is straight or married. As a straight guy, gay dudes would message me first far more than girls would. OKC they would change their sex to female so when you had female as the search criteria they would pop up, Tinder I'm assuming the same.

I'm sure if I replied I'd get a response more than I would when sending a message to a girl. I made a fake OKC account with my lady friend's pictures and dating next step the inbox limit within a week.

I'm a fairly attractive dude too, dating mormon dating is just not a good tool for guys. I could and have spent months though OKC, Tinder, Bumble, etc and gotten 1 date every few months, and then went to the bar randomly once and met a chick there and ended up dating. My buddy from dating works computer security and had a job with OKC testing their passwords and info and whatever the fuck they do, and he confirmed that this shit is close to useless dating guys.

I thought it was well-known that a straight man is basically the worst thing you could be when it comes to online dating these days. As far as total number of dating opportunities, definitely. But if you consider the unwanted attention, cat-calling, feeling physically threatened, creepy behavior, etc filipino dating site in canada have to deal with in the dating world, I'll take being a man any day.

Especially since my problems dating away as soon as I'm in a relationship while a lot of the women's problems stay. This is so well-put. Quantity does not equal quality, and there's a surprising amount of men out there who feel wronged if a woman declines their advances. It dating be a bit of dating minefield. Transgender and bisexual people have spoken about this.

As they have experiences on both sides of the fence. They say straight men have it terrible in the dating world. I think it dating be a North American thing. People here live much more isolated lives. They also have more homogenous cultures which make for a bigger pool to work with. North Americans are mainly immigrants, and they can be xenophobic about their children dating outside their race.

They will often let the boys run free and lock up the daughters, so dating can affect the pool too. I have heard the same things from many people I know from Europe.

They tell me they nsa hookup definition guys here whose looks, jobs, body from working out, hobbies, etc.

But here they are single here. Aye, I'm mtf transgender dating bisexual and transitioned early, can corroborate dating above. Was the lonely loser teen prior to transition, then after transition interest from both sexes increased significantly. Of interest, I'm ginger, and as a "male" it really sucked to be ginger, but as a woman it seems people dating it that I'm ginger.

Life is strange huh? Am bi, can confirm. Giving dating on trying to connect with women. They don't know how to give good blowjobs anyways. Now dating we had 30 people of each dating have 30 datapoints each we can get less of personal data and more of realistic dating application data which is what everyone actually wants.

After your 9 dates, what do you do? I'm a bi woman in a small town: They have it easier dating m4w which is the group usually complaining about these things, but yeah. I think from easies to hardest its: Men are just easier to get dates with. True it sucks being in the middle of nowhere, kind of why a lot of gay people end up gravitating toward the cities. Also in w4w each partner is equally likely to be the one who is less interested, where its almost always up to the woman whether she wants dating date a guy.

So presumably you could have gotten twice as many if you lowered your standards. It's easier for a gay man to dating a date than a straight women?

Not sure on that one. Maybe hookups, but even then if a woman dating a quick hookup i would guess there is an ocean of guys who would come to her aid. Yeah, especially what are the dating bases the much wider dating pool for straight women and the, let's face it, sheer desperation of straight guys, w4m is the easiest fo' sho'.

Without fail I always have this as my intro gif, please feel free to borrow Sup Seal. My girlfriend is about pounds and she thinks her stomach is dating fat. Any girl can worry they're overweight.

I know your success rate is higher and a lot dating people attribute that to being a woman, but do you firmstrong urban man single speed dating being a lesbian dating more of a factor?

Several of my LGBTQ friends have said they're much more open to going on a date with someone, even if they're not attracted, since the number of fish in their sea is smaller.

dating oc

They feel they can't be as picky. I have always wondered if dating just the mentality of my friend group, based on location, or if that's a common mentality in the community and results in a more active dating scene. Queer, and in the bible belt here. The pool size definitly makes it less likely for you to be picky. Also, several other lezzies I know are willing to do the LDR just to find someone they can dating along with Lesbian dating seems much more chill than heterosexual ones.

Dating sites z some ways it is what to do when you re dating a jew you also have to consider daging much more difficult it casual hook up rules to find a date offline if you're often the only lesbian in the room depending on the location of course.

You also can't just look at someone fating know that they're interested in women if they're not advertising it. How do you make these types of flow charts? They're called "Sankey diagrams". I haven't tried this one, but I've seen others use it, including OP: Start browsing and messaging more singles by registering to POF, dating largest dating site in the world.

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Think I'm late to the party Undercover hippie, open to new things, peaceful, patient, without expectation.

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